Liliane has successfully run a number of workshops in schools and colleges. If you would live more information about Liliane's fabulous workshops, please contact Liliane.

Creative Workshops



Afternoon Tea Worship with rubble creative stiches - June 2015

Afternoon Tea with rubble creative stitches

Completed 'Afternoon Tea' by Shirley Williams.

Mapestry - April 2015

Helpers at the Sanswick Lakes. Fantastic place on the edge of the river.

Mapestery, April, Stanswick Lakes April, Mapestry - Stanswick Lakes

Mapestry - March 2015

Working with the delightful Bumble Bees at Kettering. Detail from finished piece: 

Mapestry - March, Kettering Mapestry - March, Kettering

Mapestry - February 2015

The February piece from Wellingborough. Its was Half Term so about 120 children participated.
Great fun and slightly chaotic. The lovey, slightly eccentric Richard and his band of volunteers run the museum which is very welcoming.

February - Mapestry, Wellingborough

Mapestry - January 2015

The start of the twelve pieces at Northampton. Working in the fabulous shoe museum with the W.I. They embroidered the word Northampton in the local rugby colours.

January - Mapestry, Northampton

The Year of Faith

Working with year 4 pupils as part of an 8 foot panel.


Mixed Media Collages

St Cuthberts Primary School, year 2 pupils.